We are Printing & Design Company in Kobe, Japan. We Provide Cards, Flyers, Booklets and many other products. Contact us!
OPEN: 9:00 to 19:00 Mon. through Fri. CLOSED: Sun. & Holidays.
About ON Rock

ON Rock
Tel: 078-891-5006
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9:00-19:00 Monday through Friday
Sunday and Holidays

Saturay is closed irregularly
601 54-Young Bld. 4-2-1 Kotonoo-Cho Chuo-ku Kobe 651-0094

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ON Rock Publishig
ON Rock Publishing

About ON Rock

ON Rock is printing and design company
providing printing matters for sales promotion and advertisements.

We believe that doing our best for customers will keep us in business.
We put our heart into each and every job
offering our best skills, experiences and knowledge
whether it is little or not so little.
We don't want to hide our talent in the earth.


We want to make a good strong company,

like a house built on solid rock!
Yes, like on rock!

We will stay hands on until the customer is happy.
So let us help you !

You can rely “ON Rock” !

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