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Check our products for your next printing!
*Design fee is not included in our products. For first order, it will cost design fee. From second time you need to pay only printing fee. For example, it will cost 1,100 yen for designing one side of business cards and 1,650 yen for both sides.

Business Cards 100 Sheets/1Case
There are paper variations. You can make your original cards. Contact Us !

Ex. One Color, One Side
Prices start at 880 Yen

Ex. Full Color, Both Sides
Prices start at 2,200 Yen

Price List is Here >>


●Price List (Black One Color)
4,290 Yen 5,170 Yen 5,720 Yen
7,480 Yen 8,690 Yen 9,240 Yen
5,390 Yen 6,050 Yen 6,820 Yen
8,250 Yen 10,120 Yen 10,890 Yen
8,360 Yen 9,680 Yen 13,750 Yen
13,860 Yen 16,390 Yen 23,100 Yen
*Paste-up fee for one side (First time) +1,100yen 
*Tracing Logo for printing +1,100yen
*Additional Fee will cost according to options. (Ex. with tape, windows...etc)
*Please ask us latest price.

●Color Envelopes (235*120mm)  1000 envelopes 24,200 Yen
* Custom envelopes can have more effect to expanding your business and brand awareness.
* You can place your favorite photo images and illustrations.


Cash Receipt Book 
Single, Duplicate, Triplicate etc.
We can make your vouchers customized, perforated or drilled.

Greeting Cards
Keep in touch with your business customers by sending greeting cards: Seasons' greetings, invitation cards, birthday cards and more. You can choose either folded cards or flat scored cards.

Post Cards
Post cards are effective way for campaigns, street marketing, coupons and more.

Company Brochure
Company brochure will help you tell more about your company and products. When you visit your customers, bring company borochure with you!

Booklets are suitable for manuals, text books, product catalogs, cookbooks, and more.

Labels, Stickers

Labels for items, wrapping, correction or other usage.

Point Cards, Shop Cards

Point Cards or Shop Cards are effective to get your regular customers!

Pocket Tissue

It is little tissue packet you can conveniently keep in your pocket and popular item for marketing in Japan. You can place your logo or ad on packet.

Paper Straws
We've just began to provide paper straws according to the global movement of environmental protection. We can print your logo, message or images on the straws. When you serve juice, these coloful paper straws make a lovely addition.

Custom coaster will make a great impression at shops, bars, events... anywhere people gather.

Chopstick Bags
We can print your shop name or logo on chopstick bags. These gives special impression to your customers.


Put your logo or company name on lighter for promotional items, novelty goods, memento and more.


Original screen printing. T-shirts for your teams, company, school, clubs can be a fun!